2022 KACH Easter Egg Hunt

105.5 FM | AM 1340 KACH encourages you and your family to have fun hunting for this years prize Easter egg worth $500 dollars! One egg has been hidden in Preston Before you start hunting, there are some basic ground rules that you need to keep in mind while you search..

1. THE EGG IS NOT ON PRIVATE PROPERTY! NEITHER BUSINESS OR PERSONAL! Please respect the privacy and personal property of others, just like you would like them to respect your private property and possessions.

2. THE EGG IS NOT HIDDEN IN A PLACE THAT WILL PUT ANY PERSON IN DANGER! It is not anywhere near railroad tracks. It is not where a person might slide into a pond or river. Please, THINK SAFETY FIRST as you have fun in your search.

3. THE EGG IS NOT BURIED! You don’t have to dig anything up, pull anything out of the ground to find the egg. Let buried things stay buried! Always call 811 for clearance at least two business days before you dig anywhere, even in your own backyard. It could save your life.

4. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING APART! If you find the egg you will know it. You will not have to take apart, unscrew, or alter any man made structure in any way to find the egg.

5. THE EGG IS HIDDEN WITHIN (or within a half mile of ) EVANSTON OR PRESTON CITY LIMITS The egg will only be hidden on state, city or county property that the public has access to on a regular basis. Once again, PLEASE RESPECT PERSONAL AND BUSINESS PRIVATE PROPERTY. If you have a question, please ask a business or resident near where you want to search if the land is public or private.

6. BASICALLY, DO UNTO OTHERS’ PROPERTY AS YOU WOULD HAVE DONE UNTO YOUR PROPERTY. Think “safety first”. Do not dig. Don’t unscrew, unwire or take anything apart while looking for the egg. Stay on city, state or county property that has general public access.

We would like to thank the following Evanston area sponsors who helped make this year’s Egg Hunt possible: Allstate-Todd Jones Agency, City Drug, The Pie Hole, Cazin’s, Kallas Automotive/NAPA, Trona Valley Federal Credit Union, Westar Printing & Rocky Mountain Sign, Jody’s Diner, Freeway Tire, Chad’s Automotive, T Bar Body Shop, Ellingford Brothers, Hoover Chiropractic, The Legal Tender Restaurant inside Best Western Dunman Inn, Dr. McKay Francom, B.O.C.E.S and The Fairway Restaurant.

We would also like to thank these Preston area sponsors who made this year’s Egg Hunt possible: Tattles Bar & Grill, Stoke’s Market & True Value, West Motor Company, West Motor Ford, and I Laser It.

Different clues will be released each weekday, starting Monday, April 4th, 2022. Different businesses might have different clues.

Have some fun, and happy hunting!

Preston Hunt Clue Locations

Tattles Bar and Grill
8th West and Oneida

Stokes Market and True Value
217 South State Street

West Motor Company
296 North State Street

West Motor Ford
801 North State Street

I Laser It
39 South State Street